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Renton's Furnace Services
Registered, Licenced, Insured.


Upcoming Specials

The weather is changing and it's a great time to get your furnace checked and cleaned!

What do we do?

Renton's Furnace Services will take care of all of your heating, cooling and plumbing needs making your home a safe and healthy place to be.  We offer a wide variety of products and services from furnace, fireplace and duct cleaning to humidifier and electrostatic air filter installations. Using only top of the line products and offering the best quality services gauranteed we promise to make you feel comfortable in your decision to use Renton's Furnace Services.

Customer Satisfaction

There's a true satisfaction in knowing that when your home has been serviced by a RENTON professional you won't be left in the cold. We offer fantastic 24 hour service, better than competitive rates and outstanding customer service. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority.

How to order your services?
Please browse the next few pages for a detailed description of our products, benefits, and prices. If you have any questions, or wish to order our services don't hesitate to call and one of our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you.
Phone :  (403) 312-3801.
Fax :      (403) 253-0617.
E.mail: drrenton@telusplanet.net

Please E.mail any questions, or comments